Atelier International Architects | Eco Social
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Eco Social

AIA is committed to making the world a better place. We do this by designing sustainably and do our part in the conservation of our environment; to design so that we live and work in a smarter and less wasteful way; to respect our flora and fauna which has formed over billions of years. We use passive solar design and take wind patterns into account when designing every project. We use natural light, natural ventilation, low flow sanitary fixtures, LED lights and much more in our design. We also incorporate high tech strategies such as waste water management systems and solar panels if need be. Our buildings can be up to 50% more efficient compared to the average building and yet cost the same as an average building to build.

We not only design sustainably but also socially consciously. Part of this is to source local materials as much as possible to support local businesses and to design for cyclists to promote health and reduce pollution. At the end of each project we donate up to 1% of our fees in our client’s honour to either of the causes below: