Atelier International Architects | WHY WE SHOULD CARE ABOUT BUILDING GREEN
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With most of us spending most of our time indoors, green building is the healthy, common sense choice for a better life. In traditional construction, the quality of our indoor environment is often more polluted than outdoor one due to the building materials, inadequate lighting, and other variables. Green buildings are sited, designed, constructed and operated to enhance the well-being the occupants and minimize negative impacts to the community and environment. Compared to traditional building a green building home takes some of the pressure off the environment.

Logically our society can no longer build this way. It is a matter of time before we run out of resources needed. The sooner we change the better position we will be in to minimize devastation. In the future all buildings will be green. This is inevitable. Soon we will have no choice.

A green building has the potential to:

  • Improve indoor air quality.
  • Include renewable energy technologies
  • Reducing dependence on natural resources.
  • Easier to maintain and built to last.
  • Bring higher resale value.
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