Atelier International Architects | WHAT IS A “GREEN” BUILDING
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Green architecture also known as “sustainable architecture” is a way of looking at buildings in terms of reducing energy use, conserving water, improving indoor air quality and reducing dependence on our natural resources. Although the basic concept for green building has been around for decades, it has only in the last few years that we have seen this explosive growth in the greening of the construction industry via International certification councils like LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design), Greenstar. EDGE (Excellence is Design for Greater Efficiencies).

Contrary to popular belief, the building cost of a Green building in Kenya is actually on par with an average building in Nairobi. Sometimes it even cheaper as there is no need for A/C, curtain walling (full glass) which is very expensive. Couple that with the continuously falling costs of renewable energy systems such as Solar panels and you have a recipe to achieve a modern, green building that is cost efficient during construction and for many years to come.

Those in the business of construction are now faced with the challenge of environmental responsibility. The rise in energy costs, shortage of building materials and consumer demands are making this market look for better ways to build our buildings. Research has shown that most designers feel a responsibility to offer green building solutions but only a fraction of them do so.

The most important thing of all is the good feeling you have when you know you’ve done what is good for both your family, community and country. Promoting continued health, financial saving and social responsibility. Green building is the construction standard for the future and the smart solution for today.



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